Code 10.3 2 I2EM Bistatic Scattering from Single-Scale Random Surface 

 This module computes the bistatic scattering coefficient, σ0, for a given random rough surface, using the I2EM model. Various parameters of the rough surface can be specified, such as the dielectric constant ϵ = ϵ' -j ϵ'', the type of correlation function, a few parameters of the correlation function, and the bistatic angles. The relative azimuth angle is defined as the scattered azimuth angle minus the incident azimuth angle. The model is constrained to realistic surfaces with ( rms height / correlation length ) ≤ 0.25.

 Real Part: ϵi':    

 Imag Part: ϵi'':  

 Frequency (GHz):                     

 Incidence Angle (deg):              

 Relative Azimuth Angle (deg):  

 Surface Properties:

  Type of Correlation function:

 rms height (m):              

 correlation length (m):  

Bistatic Scattering Coefficient for Rough Surface
σ0, dB
Scattering Angle, degrees

    x-axis Choice:                                                                                   

Note: Once selected, the right and left arrow-keys can be used to move the sliders.