Code 11.1 2 S2RT/R Backscattering from Rayleigh Layer with Diffuse Upper Boundary 

 This module computes the backscattering coefficient, σ0, for a weakly scattering Rayleigh layer with albedo a ≤ 0.2. The layer is The layer is above a ground surface characterized by the PRISM model with an exponential correlation function. The dielectric constant of the surface can be specified, ϵ = ϵ' -j ϵ'', as well as the rms height, frequency, single-scattering albedo, layer thickness, and the extinction coefficient.

 Real Part: ϵi':                   

 Imag Part: ϵi'':                 

 Frequency (GHz):            

 rms height (m):                

 Rayleigh Layer Properties:
 Thickness (m):                       

 Single-scattering albedo:      

 Extinction Coeff. (Np/m):      

Backscatter Coefficient
σ0, dB
Incidence Angle, degrees

Note: Once selected, the right and left arrow-keys can be used to move the sliders.