Code 12.4 Emissivity of a Periodic Sinusoidal Surface 

 This module computes the emissivity for a given periodic sinusoidal surface, with a random smaller-scale component, using the I2EM model. Various parameters of the sinusoidal rough surface can be specified, including the dielectric constant ϵ = ϵ' -j ϵ'', the correlation function, and its parameters. Also, the shape parameters of the sinusoidal function, and the azimuth angle (azimuth = 0 corresponds to look direction parallel to the rows). The model constrains the random surface to (rms height / correlation length ) ≤ 0.25.

 Real Part: ϵi':    

 Imag Part: ϵi'':  

 Frequency (GHz):           

 Azimuth Angle (deg):     

 Rough Surface Properties:
  Type of Correlation function:

 rms height (m):              

 correlation length (m):  

 Periodic Sinusoidal Surface Properties:
 Amplitude (m):  

 Period (m):         

Emissivity for Rough Surface
Incidence Angle, degrees
   x-axis Choice:                                                                                   

Note: Once selected, the right and left arrow-keys can be used to move the sliders.