Code 12.8 Incoherent Emissivity of a Two-Layer Composite 

 This module computes the incoherent emissivity of a perfectly homogeneous layer above another homogeneous medium, bounded by perfectly smooth planar surfaces. The dielectric constant of each layer can be specified, ϵ = ϵ' -j ϵ'', as well as the thickness, albedo, and extinction coefficient of the top layer,

 Top Layer Properties:
 Real Part: ϵt':    

 Imag Part: ϵt'':  

 Thickness (m):                

 Extinction Coef. (Np/m):     

 Single-Scattering Albedo:  

 Bottom Medium Properties:
 Real Part: ϵb':    

 Imag Part: ϵb'':  

Incidence Angle, degrees
   x-axis Choice:                                                                                   

Note: Once selected, the right and left arrow-keys can be used to move the sliders.