Code 4.7 Relative Dielectric Constant of Soils 

 This module computes the real and imaginary parts of the relative dielectric constant of wet soils at temperatures between 0C and 40C, for volumetric water content between 0 and 60%, for dry soil density between 0.1 and 3.0 g/cm3, and for frequencies between 0.3 and 18 GHz.

 Dry Soil Density (g/cm3):           

 Volumetric Water Content (%):  

 Temperature (C):                       

 Soil Texture:  


  Frequency Range:

Dielectric Constant of Wet Soil
Real Part
Frequency, GHz
Imaginary Part
Frequency, GHz

Note: Once selected, the right and left arrow-keys can be used to move the sliders.