Code 8.12 Mie and Rayleigh Scattering 

  This module computes the absorption, scattering, extinction, and backscatter efficiencies of a dielectric sphere according to both the Mie solution and the Rayleigh approximation. The user inputs the dielectric constant of the spherical particle, ϵp, the dielectric constant of the background medium, ϵb, and the sphere radius. The background dielectric is constrained to be less than the particle dielectric.
  ϵp= ϵp' -j ϵp''
  ϵb= ϵb' -j ϵb''

 Real Part: ϵp':    

 Imag Part: ϵp'':  

 Real Part: ϵb':    

 Imag Part: ϵb'':  

 Sphere Radius (cm):  

Plot Mie Efficiencies Plot Rayleigh Efficiencies
Frequency, GHz

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